Welcome to timje!

Hope you will enjoy your stay.

This is a personal homepage that we mostly have for fun. But we do did have to fill it with something.

We thought that a webcam image with some weather data is nice to have. The weather cam gave us the feature to determine if we have to shovel snow when back home? or if it is raining at home, and we better stay where we are. The weather sight have a nice benefit, it is automatically updated and we normally don’t have to do anything to make it run.

Photographing is one of my hobbies, so presenting some of my pictures is also a part of the sight. Here there is a little bit more work, because I have to update all the information by myself. On the other hand when it's there it is there. I hope that some of it may amuse you.

There is also page with links. And the intention is to add more links that we think are useful.

We also have a page delegated board game rules. But that page will mainly be in swedish.

Please don't hesitate to send a email to webmaster(a) about your thoughts of this site.